Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration

Led by Partners Carlos Angel M. Ferrario – former National Judge of First Instance on Commercial Matters of Buenos Aires, and permanent arbitrator of the General Arbitration Tribunal of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange – Karina P. Kucky and Rodrigo Bustingorry, this Department offers advice to national and foreign customers – individuals and legal entities – in the solution of any type of conflict, representing them in low, medium and high-complexity disputes, domestic and international arbitration, and in the use of alternative methods for conflict solution of different nature, as the representation in negotiation processes or pre-judicial mediation. The Department, among other issues, has extensive experience in addressing contractual, corporate, bank, damages, bankruptcy reorganization proceeding and insolvency, real estate, consumer protection (including class actions) labor, exchange rulings as well as intellectual property. In recent years, it has successfully participated in the protection of our customers’ interests, including the procurement of important precautionary measures and in high-complexity lawsuits. As regards arbitration, the Firm represents customers before the main domestic and foreign centers, as ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission of International Trade Law), AAA (American Arbitration Association) and ICSID (International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes).

The partners leading the Dept. are professors at different Universities of the country and have a strong academic background, and participate as authors and co-authors of different works and articles of their field of specialization.

Our services include:

· Legal representation in litigations before every judicial court, including the Nation’s Supreme Court.

· Customer orientation in the use of alternative methods for conflict solution: mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

· Representation in arbitration proceedings ad-hoc and/or in national or international Centers.

· Preparation of legal opinions and experts’ reports.

· Affiliates throughout Argentina and abroad.